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This class of rose is the most popular type. They are generally tall and stately with large, well-formed blooms and long stems suitable for cutting. They can be used as a single specimen planting, or as the featured plants in a mixed bed of roses. Recommended spacing is 30-36 inches.

This class of rose is now the 2nd most popular type. They are lower growing than Hybrid Teas and bloom heavily, producing clusters of flowers from June until frost. Use Floribundas in a massed bed of color and in border plantings. The plentiful blooms make great bouquets. Recommended spacing is 24-30 inches.

Grandifloras grow as high as Hybrid Teas, with the same form, but with clusters of blooms on shorter stems. They create a mass of color in the landscape, and are also great for cutting. Use them to create eye-catching color in a bed or border, or as "stars" in your perennial garden. Recommended spacing is 30-36 inches.

These bushes only grow 2 to 3 feet tall, literally covered with perfectly-formed, miniature blooms. They are ideal for rock gardens, at the base of larger plants, for narrow borders, and limited spaces. Recommended spacing is 12-18 inches. 

These popular roses are hardy and hardworking: a great mix between Floribundas and Miniature Roses. They have dense growth and bloom freely all season. Perfect for low borders, hedges, fountain plantings, and filling large beds with color. Recommended spacing is 30 inches.

Climbers are vigorous and easy to grow, adding drama and interest to your landscape. They will bloom heavily for years: climbing a trellis, fence, or accenting a wall with a splash of color. Give them plenty of room and fertilizer. Recommended spacing is 4-5 feet. 

These hardy, spreading roses quickly cover large expanses, creating a colorful, easy-maintainance carpet. Ideal for slopes, rocky areas, and anywhere you want low-growing color that is attractive and care-free. Recommended spacing is 48 inches.
These roses add another layer to your garden. Tree roses often are available in heights ranging from 3'-5' tall.  Tree roses are available in many types, including the exiting "twofer": two types of roses on the same tree. All varieites are quick to add height and dimension to your garden or landscape. 
Shamrock Nursery carries the following varieites of roses: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Miniature, Shrub and Shrublet, Climber, Groundcover, and Tree Roses.  All varieties listed are subject to availability.